Wellbeing Support for the Greater Wellington and Wairarapa Regions

The Access and Choice Wellbeing Support service provides free support to people with emotional and wellbeing needs for all Kiwis but with a focus on Māori, Pasifika and rangatahi.

This range of services is available for people living in the Greater Wellington and Wairarapa regions. Provided initially through your GP, Access and Choice is a flexible service that puts you at the centre and is provided by organisations specialising in wellbeing support services.

Most Access and Choice supports will be offered to you via a GP or Nurse Practitioner visit, with the main aim being to help you find the appropriate professional as soon as possible, often with a personal introduction or hand-over.

The support is intended as a service to support you in the short term (usually for less than three months) and is provided through a partnership between General Practitioners (Medical Centres) who work with Health Improvement Practitioners, Health Coaches, and Community Support Workers.

Health Improvement Practitioners

Are registered health professionals who can teach you strategies to manage mental, emotional, and physical health problems and collaborate with you to make a plan that will enhance your wellbeing and quality of life.

Health Coaches

Can walk alongside you to help gain knowledge, skills, and confidence to help you reach your health goals.

Community Support Workers

Connecting you with the right social service, community group or charity to help you with a range of support services, including housing, food, or social connection.

Support is available to help you effectively manage any life problem that is impacting your health, including stress, relationship difficulties, sleep, eating issues, lifestyle choices, employment, housing, finances and more. This support is delivered through a variety of methods including coaching, wellbeing support, advocacy and community or home visits.